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Unimaginative: The Art of Charli Siebert
La Habra Heights, California
Charli Siebert is a 30 year old digital artist from Southern California. All of her work is created using programs like Illustrator, Photoshop and Poser, which she is completely self-taught in. Many of the themes seen in Charli’s work can be described as dark or provocative, with soft undertones of vulnerability and passion. She draws inspiration from personal experience and insight as well as experiences of others that she finds intriguing. She also enjoys illustrating strange little characters that she dreams up from her love of visionaries like Tim Burton, Jhone Vasquez, Roman Dirge, Mark Ryden and many others.

She was involved in a group exhibition (Digital World: Oz) at Niche.LA and Lounge441 on Gallery Row in Downtown Los Angeles, CA in August of 2005 which was reviewed by Art Forum’s Matthew Wilder who wrote “…"Digital World: Oz" features the gently dissolving images of the flabbergasting Charli Siebert…Siebert's independence from art-school cant is gratifying in itself, but her frosted, distressed, tactile-but-ethereal images are the real thing—Goth and sci-fi kitsch ossified into beaux-arts stateliness. Her porny, morbid figures hover in a state of being pitched somewhere between photorealism and PhotoShop artifice, as if a family of Joel-Peter Witkin ghouls had invented their own video game to live in…” Charli’s work has also been shown at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and Echo Gallery.

Charli’s work has also been featured in issues of Fleshrot magazine, Dark Moon Rising, 3D World Magazine, HDRI3D Magazine, Cthulhu Sex Magazine, Dark Realms Magazine, and Heavy Metal Magazine. Her work can also be seen in several publications including D' Artiste: Character Modeling 2, Expose' 5, Gothic Art Now & Vampire Art Now. She has also done several story illustrations for various magazines, as well as book and album cover artwork.

“For me, being an artist is like having Tourette Syndrome or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The need to create compelling imagery is like a tick… it is an obsession that must be fulfilled.”