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I ♥︎ Oakland
I'm Ellen McGrody. I'm a trans woman, a cat mom, a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan, a music lover, and a freelance writer. I'm currently a writer on Anthrotari, an upcoming visual novel for PC, Mac, and Linux. I'm the chairwoman of Run for Our Rights, a 24-hour live marathon in November to celebrate the 10th anniversary Sonic '06 and raise money for the Transgender Law Center. I'm working on a zine celebrating weird fan fiction called Someone Else's Kink. I run Good Lil' Trans Girl, a parody blog encouraging trans women to tackle transmisogyny through humor and bitter sarcasm. I've also written Twine games and participated in community events like Trans*H4CK.

My games and my writing on culture, games, and being queer have been featured on The Mary Sue, at QGCon, and at GaymerX. You can find links to all this cool stuff at my website!